About Me

Hello, I am Barbara Fines Price, and this is my story. As with many people, my life has taken a wandering path, and I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had. I was raised in a crazy family with both parents and six siblings, four sisters and two brothers. Having as many siblings as I did was an amazing school all by itself. I learned you really don’t own anything — you just use what you need for a while then pass it on. Everyone learns the same life lessons sooner or later (hopefully sooner.)  Not knowing what you want to be when you grow up is normal, because hopefully you never stop learning. At times, life seems eternal and at other times it seems too short, so try to live in the here and now. Travel every time you get a chance.

I was blessed with a chronic illness, which has been my guide throughout my life. It has taught me to never, never quit, to allow yourself to have a good cry when you need it, and then to get going again. My illness has helped me realize that when most people say hurtful things, they’re speaking from ignorance. If they become educated and still say hurtful things, then I don’t need them in my life. Forgiveness is essential to my own health and growth. I lived with this illness for many years before being diagnosed properly, which just goes to show everyone is still learning.

I have traveled extensively in my life, and wish for everyone that they could as well. I enjoy spending at least a month in a location instead of a week. That way you can learn more from the locals. I appreciate going to places that are vastly different from where I live. These places challenge any preconceived notions I might have, and leave me feeling less superior. I hope to visit every continent before I pass to the next life.

I have been blessed with a certain knowledge of our Heavenly Father ever since I was a small child.  (Don’t panic, I’m not trying to convert you. This is my story.) I was raised Catholic, but as my life continued, I studied various religions. In fact, I studied most of the major religions of the world. As I studied, I became more and more tolerant and loving, not less. Today, I’m very happily Mormon, with a knowledge of Jesus Christ as my Savior. I love all my LGBT friends, as well as my agnostic, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, etc. I just love you where you are.