How Flying Spinach Yoga Got Its Name

Several years ago before we adopted our son, my husband and some of his family were sitting around brainstorming a name for his company. His mother, who has an amazing sense of the ridiculous, came out with Flying Spinach. You need to understand, he is a PhD physicist and the places he gets research funding from don’t have a sense of humor. After we all had a tear-jerking, belly-shaking laugh, I found that the name was burrowing down into my brain. In addition to being a physicist, my husband is a talented photographer, and I wanted to see if I could turn some of his pictures into jigsaw puzzles. I thought that Flying Spinach would be a great name for that company. He disagreed.

The image I had in my mind was of our daily life, and how some of the pieces always seem to be missing. Another image was of food flying through the air, as it has a tendency to do when a young child is learning to eat. I didn’t have a fully formed image, but I knew that I would use flying spinach at some point in my life.

As the years passed and we adopted our son, I found myself time and again thinking of flying spinach, when our son would throw his food or try to put a puzzle piece in the wrong place. It brought a smile to my face and chuckle to my heart. At other times, my mother-in-law and I would be doing a massively crazy jigsaw puzzle and get stuck, and we would look at each other and say “flying spinach.” We would take a break from the puzzle and come back later, and find that we could immediately find the pieces we needed.

For me, “flying spinach” became the catch phrase for all the times in life when things are missing or out of focus. It doesn’t matter if they’re physical, emotional, or spiritual. Yoga, of course, is the practice of consciously connecting with ourselves, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. So Flying Spinach Yoga is taking that which is missing or out of focus, and consciously finding the missing piece or part.

My mother-in-law Marilyn went to the next life in March of this year, so there is a piece of me that went with her and a piece of her that stays with me. Marilyn, Flying Spinach Yoga, is dedicated to you. Have a good laugh.

May your day be full of peace,


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